Chakra Balancing
Yin Yoga Workshop

Saturday March 23, 2019 - 12:30pm – 3:00pm
Chakras are important energy centers in the body, situated along the spine. We have 7 main chakras which are connected to our whole system, our physical, mental and emotional body.

Each chakra is like a spinning wheel of energy that represents a different element of life and being. When all 7 chakras are in balance, you will feel vital, safe, inspired, and tuned in to your natural potential. If your chakras are out of balance, it can manifest in various ways depending on which energy center needs attention. 

In this workshop, we will take our time using Yin yoga poses to gently stimulate the 7 centres, so the energy starts to flow and the chakra can balance itself if needed. 

Members: $10
​Non-Members: $25
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Sound Bath Yin Yoga Workshop​

Sunday March 31, 2019 - 5:30pm – 7:30pm

You’re invited into a unique therapeutic soundscape, an environment to rest and reconnect in harmonic resonance. Sound is used as a tool for restoring our own “perfect pitch” — our innate personal vibration — opening us up to self-inquiry through introspection. A combination of crystal and Himalayan bowls, tuning forks, crystal pyramids, chimes and voice will harmonize and attune with the body on the cellular level, supporting self-repair.

This therapeutic experience is complimented with a sequence of Yin Yoga postures.
This class will have limited space so book now! You will leave this beautiful journey feeling utterly relaxed, fully restored and totally regenerated.​​​​

Members: $15
​Non-Members: $25

*Private Sound Bath Session: $85. If you are interested in a private sound bath session, please let us know*

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